You are about to find out how to automate your business to generate income on a national level!  

We've been working hard to make the next Marketing and Mimosas the best yet! We asked for everyone's feedback on what they loved and how we could improve your experience, and best of all, we listened! This upcoming Marketing & Mimosas has been created especially for the professional, goal smashing, purpose driven, intelligent, and move making woman like you who is always seeking opportunities to grow, support, and develop in your career and overall life!

Imagine learning actionable steps that you can use TODAY to increase your social media marketing and branding from female marketing professionals who have made a career out of their ability to create real results for real clients.


Brand Photography 101

Kamron Khan, Creative Director of CoCreative

Bring your DSLR camera and learn photography essentials including the exposure triangle (aperter, shutter, iso, oh my!), composition, the important role light plays in taking a good photo to a great photo, and more. This course is specifically for business owners wanting to keep their content current and professional who may not always have the time to work with a seasoned photographer. **Attendees must own or have access to a DSLR camera. A professional quality lens is a plus. For beginners, I highly recommend a 50mm 1.8 lens made by both Canon and Nikon. At a price tag right above $100, it is a great investment that can take your photos from OK to WOW!


Getting Started With Chatbots

Stacia Kennedy, Brand Ambassador ClickFunnels

Join Stacia Kennedy as she explains why you need Facebook messenger chatbots and how to integrate them into your existing marketing strategy. At Marketing & Mimosas you will learn how you can double your marketing traffic and create a personalized automated experience for your customers through Facebook Messenger.


Niche Marketing

Frechic Burton, Managing Director of CoCreative

Learn how to pivot your marketing strategy into a niche market. Learn how to create distinctive analytic results that will stand out in a competitive marketplace by staying on the leading edge of social media’s latest tools. This workshop is perfect for entrepreneurs looking to create a strong business infrastructure to serve government entities, non-profits, and larger corporations.



What a wonderful time at #marketingandmimosas! Thank you! Now I've created an Instagram account from what I learned!


I love going to events but had been actively searching for more with different cultures. I thank you for bridging that gap.


I can tell you from tears of gratitude, I was afraid to go today because over the years I have become background to so many pieces of beautiful music that I had forgotten I too have a voice.


I left Marketing & Mimosas with tangible skills I was able to apply to my makeup business right away. One year later I've launched a successful new product and ready to change the game!


Loved the diversity in culture, careers and age. Very genuine atmosphere with sincere statements by many from the heart which are far and few for many events today. Thank you for this event ladies!!


Overall this event was amazing! I left feeling empowered not only as a business owner but as a woman!! Being in a room with so many amazing strong driven women was lovely!! I’m looking forward to attending the next one and hope to be able to sponsor in some form of fashion! Thank you ladies again for all of your hard work!


It was a pleasure! I will definitely be in touch and plan to attend future Marketing & Mimosas! Learned so much!


I would like to purchase my pre-sale ticket now please! It was an amazing event. So often I attend events and don't feel like I fit. Today was different. Thank you for creating that kind of space.

Employer's love to invest in their staff! Guess what? We have a sample email template that you can use to help persuade your boss to invest in this workshop designed just for you.